Contacting your legislator

Not sure how to format a letter to your legislator? Need some help with what to say? Here are templates and talking points:

Printed letter template

Your name
123 Main St.
City, State ZIP

Dec. 31, 2016

Senator’s address (Click here to find it.)

Dear [Title: Sen., Rep., etc.] [Name]:

Introduce yourself. Explain why you’re writing.

Request a response. Thank the legislator for his or her time. For more letter-writing tips, visit here are additional contact pointers from the U.S. Senate.



[Your name, typed]


Email template 

Choose a meaningful subject line that indicates the content of your email.

Include your mailing address.

Compose the body of your email as you would a printed letter.

Avoid attachments. They may cause your email to get caught in a spam filter.


Talking points

Here are some talking points to support your case:

• When the State System began in the 1980s, the universities received more than 60 percent of their funding from the Commonwealth. Now about a quarter of the State System’s funding comes from appropriations. The univeristies are poised to receive flat funding again.

• As state allocation has decreased, tuition and fees have increased.

• Systemwide, the universities have lost hundreds of employees since 2011.

• Systemwide, more than 100 programs have been discontinued since 2011. 

• State System students have more difficulty registering for the classes and degree programs they want. (Share a personal story from you or a classmate.)

• Class sizes have grown. (Share a personal story about how many students are in your classes and how that affects your educational experience.)