Our Legislative Goals and Agenda


• Secure adequate funding for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to secure a tuition freeze.

• Secure funding for the faculty professional development fund.

• Protect member retirement benefits and options.

• Work in solidarity with the labor movement to preserve workers' rights (e.g. preserve fair share, prevailing wage, collection of union dues, oppose liquor privatization, and support raising the minimum wage).

• Protect tenure and academic freedom. 

• Support legislation or regulations that would increase transparency for the State System of Higher Education.

• Advocate for student voting rights.

• Work to decrease the indebtedness of State System students in different ways including changes in PHEAA grants and studying other states' solutions for student debt.

• Identify and build policy solutions to help Cheyney University recover from recent financial and institutional problems, including the promotion and financial restoration of the Cheyney Keystone Honors Academy.

• Promote legislation that properly regulates for-profit institutions of higher education.

• Advocate for greater privacy protections for members as it pertains to the right to know law.