This is the 3rd July meeting for which I’ve been state APSCUF president. I’ve spoken the last two Julys about tuition; you won’t be surprised today that I’m speaking about it again. In fact, since you probably read all my messages to faculty, you probably know what I’m going to say.

We all know the legislature passed the Governor’s budget which flat funded us this year. This was expected and we can spin it as positive when many agencies took up to 10% cuts. But that number doesn’t take into account our 4% increase in students last year or the HEPI of 3% last year. Where this leaves us is with a gap of $48 million you saw on the screen yesterday.

Some fifty years ago, the great professor and teacher Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago said that a, “Liberal [arts] education . . . is a training in the highest form of modesty, not to say of humility.” It is with humility, that I say on behalf of my colleagues, that we have no problem with periodic reviews of programs. Such review is, for a number of reasons, a healthy exercise.

It is with that same humility that I say, on behalf of my colleagues, that many of the programs on the list of programs to be placed in moratorium ought to be there.

The only item on Monday’s Meet and Discuss Agenda at IUP was “Budget Concerns for FY 10-11 and 11-12.”

When Susan Drummond, IUP-APSCUF President, received the request for a meeting from IUP Vice President of Human Resources Helen Kennedy, Drummond specifically asked if the purpose of the meeting was to notify APSCUF of management’s intentions to retrench faculty.  Kennedy indicated that the meeting was not for that purpose.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 16:25

PA Universities Mind the Gap

Last Friday afternoon, Penn State announced its fall 2010 tuition increase numbers. According to their press release, they are increasing tuition by approximately $800 per year (5.9% for tiered freshmen and sophomores). In other words, the Penn State trustees have agreed to fill the gap of almost $100 million that the recently passed state appropriation has generated.

In its report the NCSL examines the financial plight of public colleges and universities across the nation.  Particularly telling is the NCSL's analysis of how the states would be faring without the federal stimulus money.   Pennsylvania's U.S. legislators must advocate for Senator Harkin's "Keep Our Educators Working Act."

Wednesday, 07 July 2010 10:19

A message from the President

I have been fortunate in the last dozen years to visit London frequently. One of the funny and interesting and characteristic parts of the "London experience" is riding the subway, the "Tube," where you see polyglot denizens and amazing fashion statements.


And you learn, through frequent repetition, to "mind the gap" – that is, pay attention to the empty space between the car and the platform or you may have an accident.

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